It’s certainly been a gigantic week for the world’s most famous redheaded shoplifter, Lindsay Lohan– we’re exhausted just from talking about it! Today the eyes of the celebrity bruit world turned once again on LiLo as she appeared for preliminary hearings in her long-delayed theft trial.
Lindsay Lohan on
Cameras were not allowed, but TMZ had a reporter embedded in the courtroom, who tweeted this afternoon that Lindsay’s felony shoplifting charges have been lessened to a misdemeanor. The judge noted that Lindsay’s DUI charge was over 4 years ago, and said that the severity of the charges didn’t fit the severity of the crime or Lindsay’s criminal record.
So now, even if she’s convicted, Lindsay won’t have to go back to jail. We’re willing to bet Lindsay “Misdemeanor” Lohan will be getting her freak on in the LA clubs tonight. Just don’t lose control, Lindsay!

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