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Well known au naturel thespian and public drunkenness hobbyist Paz De la Huerta appeared before a judge in a New York City courtroom today, where the D.A. charged her with two counts of 3rd degree assault, 4th degree criminal possession of a weapon, attempted assault, and harassment. Paz’s legal troubles stem from a crazy incident at the Standard Hotel in New York city last month, where Paz got into a glass-breaking, face-punching fight with reality TV actress Samantha Swerta. Paz was visibly ticked off about being prosecuted over the likes of Swerta- allegedly, on the day of her arrest she said to officers that ”I’m a REAL actress ? HBO! She’s a publicity seeker, a FAKE actress.” That is some fighting words!
Watch Paz de la Huerta in the buff- on HBO, thank you very much- on!

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